What to Expect

Understanding your Home Inspection

Amazing 3-D House and Systems

A home inspection is an independent and professional opinion on the condition of your home based on a visual inspection and professional knowledge. Your home is a complex interconnected group of systems (roof, heating system, insulation, etc.) that work together in a state of balance to keep your home comfortable and healthy. In order to maintain that balance, these systems require periodic maintenance... sometimes repair or replacement may be recommended.

Our goal for your home inspection is to identify those items that need attention now, to help you better understand how your home functions as an interactive group of systems, and to build awareness for the maintenance or replacement issues that might be required in the future based on today's inspection. Remember, all homes are great homes under the right circumstances.

Please be mindful that a home inspection is not an insurance policy. A home inspection does not warrant or guarantee the condition of the home. Much of the home’s systems are concealed behinds walls or other inaccessible areas that cannot be visually inspected. Sometimes problems may not be identified due to problematic conditions not evident at the time of inspection; heavy rain or warm temperatures for example.

Whether you are selling or buying, a home inspection does not eliminate your risk, but it certainly enables you to better manage risk by enabling more informed decisions. Relative to the size of a real estate transaction, a quality home inspection is a highly worthwhile investment .

Pre-Inspection Agreement

Once we have confirmed your inspection appointment, you will receive a pre-inspection agreement electronically. This written contract is required by Washington State Law and is intended to fully communicate the cost, scope and limitations of the inspection.

Please fully review, and electronically sign the document as soon as possible. The inspection cannot take place until this document has been signed by both parties .

Inspection Day – 1

Your inspection will be most thorough and valuable to you if all house systems are operational and accessible at the time of inspection.

  • Verify utilities are turned on to include water, electricity, gas and/or propane, heating & cooling systems to the extent possible.
  • Ensure crawlspace and attic access is known, accessible, and unlocked.
  • Have any maintenance records for major appliances and house repairs made available.
  • Make a list of questions or concerns you would like reviewed during your home inspection.
  • See you tomorrow .

Inspection Day

Typically, home inspections take between 2 and 4 hours to complete. We encourage you to attend and participate to the extent you are able and comfortable. Wear comfortable and warm clothing. Please do not plan on climbing on the roof or crawling under the house during the inspection, I will take good pictures and debrief you on those areas in a safe and dry place, usually the kitchen. I will document all my inspection findings for you in the written report so there is no need for you to take notes. I will debrief you periodically, and at the end of the inspection.

I am happy to additionally deliver a copy of the inspection report to your realtor, but will require your permission to do so. I will ask you for permission to do so at the end of the inspection.

Full payment is due at time of inspection. We accept personal checks, and all major credit and debit cards . We look forward to your meeting you and inspecting your home .

Inspection Day + 1

You (and your realtor if so arranged) will electronically receive your inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection. Please read the report in it’s entirety. Please contact me to discuss any questions you might have. I am happy to schedule a phone or Skype call if you would like to discuss in more detail .